Webcasting is where a presentation or video is streamed from the internet to the viewers’ web browser. This can be either live as a web stream or on demand as a webcast. GLO Webcasting are specialists in live event webcasting.

Using the latest technical equipment and a robust global Content Delivery Network (CDN), GloCast enables your conferences and events to have a world wide reach. You can bring remote viewers right into your conference with our Live web streaming package, complete withΒ on-lineΒ Q&A facilitation and social media monitoring. Our on-demand webcast options allow virtual delegates to view the event where and when they want. We can synchronise the presentation slides to the on-line video and can even help you calculate the carbon footprint savings gained from using GLO Webcasting!

We are all about exceptional, friendly service and robust cutting-edge technology.

GLO WebcastingΒ produce on-demand webcasts and live webstreams throughout the UK. Make your next event glow with GLO Webcasting.