3 Webcast Examples


You can greatly increase your event audience by broadcasting your conference, seminar or briefing on the internet. This can be done either live or on-demand and can be public or password-protected. Glocast can also provide you with detailed analysis that allow you to see exactly who has watched the presentation and when. All of our webcasts can be incorporated into your existing website or hosted by us. Here are some examples of how clients have used webcasting:

Online Conference Webcasts
Our team can video a conference, after which the individual presentations are made available online. We will take copies of the final presentation slides and prepare them into a slideshow format which is then matched with the video content to create a slick online conference. This is then distributed behind password protection to all conference delegates, so that they can re-experience the presentations. It can also be sold to people who could not make the event, creating a new stream of event revenue.

Live Event Webinar
Our team will broadcast your event live with associated presentation slides mixed into the video footage. Your viewers can leave comments and interact with presenters live through an online chat area. The live webinar can then be converted to an on-demand webcast, allowing participants to spread the link using social media. You can read more about the benefits of Live vs On-demand webcasts here.

Online Client Briefings
A “head and shoulders” presentation directly into the camera. This can be filmed at the client office location and can be mixed with presentation slides or other video if required. This is a really modern and cost effective way to do regular briefings or announce new products, particularly if your client base is global. It also allows you to “put a face to the name” and inject some personality into your briefing.

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