Vimeo, YouTube, Blip.TV vs Unbranded? Where should I host my Event Video?


Unbranded Video Player

Don’t get me wrong, Vimeo and YouTube (the second largest search engine in the world) have their merits for certain projects and I will happily upload content there and even manage entire media libraries for my clients.

However more often than not YouTube is not the best option for a sophisticated event video hosting service. The whole principle of free video hosting sites is to draw you in and keep the viewer on their pages for as long as possible. Your video will mingle with lots of random and unrelated content. Most likely, the viewer will click on one of the images on the end screen, taking them to some other video. This could even be a competitor’s video, which is obviously not great. Ideally, the viewer should stay on your website to browse your other content and eventually click on the “contact us” button.

Then there are the adverts… I don’t need to dwell too long on those. Also there is the issue of ownership. Once your video is posted on these sites you do not retain sole rights or full

Some organisations block video sharing sites altogether, which aids in making these sights ‘less professional’ than unbranded hosting solutions.control of your content. A good starting place for more information on this is here: Nothing in life is free, particularly “free” video hosting sites!

Here at GLO we looked carefully at on-demand video hosting options and decided to go down an unbranded player route. Your GLO videos will be transcoded to ensure that it’s available to all devices in a range of bitrates, which in this era of mobile viewing is essential. Unlike Youtube and Vimeo, the GLO video player streams your video content, so there is no buffering half way through the clip – if your web connection gets busy, the video detects that and seamlessly jumps to a lower resolution version. Clever stuff.

We can dictate what happens at the end of the video: social media links for sharing with the online community, redirect to a page (e.g. contact us) or simply return to start.

The best part is that GLO video hosting is super cheap. Get in touch to get a quote for your professional on-demand video hosting.