Temporary Satellite Internet allows us to Stream your event live from almost anywhere!

GloCast have a broadcast quality satellite internet system which allows events with no (or poor) internet connection to have guaranteed high quality internet access.

We offer 1:1 uncontended satellite internet access throughout Europe and can provide this high quality connection for a very affordable price. Major broadcast organisations are purchasing the very same system to gradually replace their expensive outside broadcast units.

GloCast Temporary Satellite Internet Access for Events in Scotland And Europe Coverage

The GloCast Temporary Event Satellite Internet system covers all of Europe and offers guaranteed 1:1 uncontended access at a maximum bandwidth of 10mbps both up and down.

Our clients use this temporary event satellite internet facility for:
Live Streaming
– Broadcast transmissions from outside locations
– Event Wi-Fi
– Data Transfer
– Internet Browsing

Contact us for more information and a chat about what the system can do for you.



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