Hosting a live Q&A using SliDo

The zoom meeting will act as a stage. Aside from technical and conference staff, the only
people in this zoom meeting will be the chairperson, the moderator and any panellists.

As the audience are not in the zoom meeting, they will not be able to submit questions
using the zoom chat. We will be using SliDo to facilitate live audience interaction.

The SliDo Q&A panel will be embedded beside the video player on the page that the
audience are viewing the live stream on.

Chair – The visible, chair of the session. Their role is to introduce the sessions and
lead the Q&A, in much the same style as you would at an in-person event.

Moderator – The moderator will be responsible for bringing the audience questions
in from the player page to the chairperson.

The moderator will have the player page open so that they can see Q&A panel. As the
questions come in, the moderator can copy the questions and paste them into the Zoom
meeting chat box. This means that the chair will see the questions appear in their zoom chat

A couple of technical points:

We are asking that people do not β€˜send to everyone’ in the zoom chat. Please select
who the message is to be directed to before sending.

Nobody needs to have the player page open apart from the moderator. It is
important that the moderator does not play the live stream on the player page as
this can lead to an audio loop and reduces bandwidth. The questions will come in in
real time without the video actually playing.

There will be a technical person in the meeting at all times.