You may already have video content which you would like to broadcast on the internet. It might be a promotional video, multimedia animation or a pre-recorded vox pop interview.¬†You want to use a professional, unbranded player to maintain your slick corporate image. YouTube, Vimeo and other free hosting services are great but you do lose control of your video content and are often subjected to advertising and links to other, potentially competitors’ videos at the end of the clip.

GloCast will convert this video to a format that is ready for streaming over the internet. We’ll upload it to our global Content Delivery Network (CDN) and will help you insert a professional, unbranded video player onto your website. By hosting your online video on a CDN, it will play back very quickly, regardless where in the world the viewer is. Your video will also be dynamic – it’ll always play at the best resolution for each individual viewer’s bandwidth. This is genius!

Many websites now use online video hosting to create more dynamic websites and to deliver important and compelling messages to viewers. Online video hosting also allows you to create high impact animations to smarten up your website. Through our strong relationship with the CDN behind global giant brands such as Channel 4, Sony, Nissan and Phillips, we can offer robust, responsive and affordable online video hosting.

We offer the following packages:

  • GloCast-branded player for very affordable hosting
  • Unbranded video player
  • Client-branded video player

Contact us to learn more about how to enhance your website with professional unbranded online video hosting.