Whisky Tasting Q&A Session

The project

Immediately after the Glengoyne live whisky tasting webcast, we retired to the Sample Room to film Stuart and Robbie talk about the winning dram in more detail and to answer some more of the questions they could not address during the live stream. We were asked to create a short film which would be released to the Glengoyne Family as a bonus feature after the live stream.

What we did

Since we already had the crew and equipment on site, it made sense for us to shoot the film immediately after the live stream. We quickly moved two cameras, some lights and sound kit to the Sample Room (a welcome relief from the November chill in the warehouse), where we filmed the chat between Stuart and Robbie. In post-production, we mastered the audio and edited the two cameras to create a very informative little piece about the exquisite dram.