The Project

GloCast were commissioned to produce a live webcast of a two-day international soil conference in London. The live stream went out to a global audience. We also vision mixed a live camera relay of a cookery and butchery demonstration onto the big screens.

What we did

As the conference had an early start, we rigged all the cables and GloCast kit late the night before, allowing us to run all tests in the room before a busy morning. Our client already had a video partner, so we linked up with them seamlessly, taking live video feeds from the two cameras into our mixer. We also established a live feed from the presentation slides and added a whopping 40 name banners for all of the speakers and panelists. The live feed was placed behind a registration system, which allowed our client to collect valuable data from the online viewers. After the event we uploaded HD versions of the sessions to the GloCast online registration area and have since the event had 1000+ individual viewers – all leaving valuable data for our client.

What our client said

We only made the decision to send out a live stream of our annual conference with one week to go. We also moved the goal posts for GloCast on a daily basis from using a paywall to capturing various demographics of viewers on a free service, but the end result was exactly what we needed. Arran and his team were a pleasure to work with and made the whole process completely stress free….from sending out a live stream around the globe of keynote speakers to a live butchery demonstration!