Green Screen Music Video Filming

The project

Our client commissioned GloCast to film a humorous music video to the tune of The Proclaimers’ 90’s hit 500 miles. This was then played as the opening video at a conference.

What we did

At the client’s office, we used two high quality cameras and a green screen with studio-quality lighting to film all ‘cast members’ singing along to the song. The lyrics were placed in front of them on a screen as an aide and props were produced, including musical instruments and jimmy hats to hilarious effect. The shoot also included a few outside scenes and the use of a slider for a more dynamic end result.

In post production, we cut several takes and the two cameras, choosing the best shots for the particular scene. Once the rough cut was set, we added a background, reminiscent of the original music video but subtly featuring scenes from the client’s earlier conference. We also created a road scene in black and white to reflect the lyrics of the chorus.

Some map graphics were also added to highlight various areas of Scotland, where delegates of the conference were coming from.

The video was great fun to make and a big success when played to the audience.

What our client said

From one day to the next you never know what you are going to be asked to do in the Events industry and this was no exception; Origin Events were asked to produce a remake of a well-known pop video which would play its part in the opening session of an annual conference for 300 delegates.  Arran at Glocast was our first point of call and he rose admirably to the challenge which was added to by the fairly short lead-in.  Arran and his team managed the project from producing the green screen story board to execution on the day.  Arran was excellent at working with the board of this organisation whilst ensuring that we achieved the time limitations and kept up a high energy during the filming.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Glocast and look forward to working with them again.