The Project

This was a debut conference for our client and included some of the world’s leading thinkers in energy systems. The busy three-day event took place in Edinburgh’s Our Dynamic Earth. GloCast were tasked with conference video filming and webcast platform creation and hosting. In addition to presentation filming, we also were asked to record speaker interviews.

What we did

Global Energy Systems Conference Video Filming and Webcast ProductionOur video team filmed all the presentations and then took three days’ worth of content into the edit suite. The video footage was split into individual presentations and all PowerPoint files were processed using our proprietary system to create the virtual conference slide deck. Each slide becomes five separate JPGs and as there were over 20 sessions, the amount of HD video and graphics content was huge.

The client integrated each GloCast presentation on their website, linking seamlessly with our virtual conference platform.

You can watch some of the presentations here:


What one of the presenters said

I have just looked at some of the videos now up on the website. These are just excellent, very professionally & competently done.
I do not know if it is standard to put the slides on one side of the screen & the video on the other, but it works very well indeed. The syncing of the slide changes with the presentation is very good, as is the choice of video frames-per-second in terms of getting acceptable video with very quick download time.

So very well done to those who must have worked very hard on all of this.
So many congratulations for what is a significant addition to the website, and to the conference itself.