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The Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference, presented by the Edinburgh International Book Festival and the British Council, is a unique series of events that are bringing writers together around the world to create an historic picture of the role of literature today.

GloCast | Live Streaming Case Study - Edinburgh International Writers Conference

The conversation began in August 2012 at the Edinburgh International Book Festival where 50 world renowned writers joined members of the public every afternoon of 17-21 August 2012 to discuss the five topics that almost brought writers to blows during the infamous Writers’ Conference of 1962.

Since the events in Edinburgh, the World Writers’ Conference has visited Berlin, Cape Town, Toronto and Krasnoyarsk and will make its way to 10 further cities giving writers in different countries the chance to add their voice to the growing debate about literature and its relationship to contemporary life.

GloCast | Live Streaming Case Study - Edinburgh International Writers Conference

During the inaugural Writers’ Conference at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, GloCast delivered five consecutive days of live streaming. The production involved a three-camera live mix with live graphics, streamed to a global audience. GloCast also produced and continue to manage the event microsite: edinburghworldwritersconference.org. Throughout 2012 and 2013 we gather, process and archive video footage sent in from the 13 global event locations, uploading the final HD edits to the event YouTube account: http://www.youtube.com/user/worldwritersconf.

This project is extremely exciting for us as it is a truly global event both in terms of viewers and international conference partners. The GloCast team are delighted to be part of it.

GloCast | Live Streaming Case Study - Edinburgh International Writers Conference


“The Edinburgh World Writers’ Conference is an ambitious project for the Book Festival, taking us into new territory in a number of ways. We want the initial events in Edinburgh to spark a genuinely international conversation about the role of literature in the world today, so the live streaming, on-demand videos and web presence of the Conference is of critical importance to the success of this exciting project. If GloCast had only delivered superb quality footage, a usable and reliable series of live streams to viewers in 67 countries, and a well designed and user friendly microsite, on a tight turnaround and with a number of logistical challenges that would have been enough. That Arran and his team have also been a delight to work with – organised, responsive, efficient and friendly – makes it all the better. I can’t recommend them highly enough.”
– Andrew Coulton, Administrative Director, Edinburgh International Book Festival