Live Web Streaming vs On-Demand Webcasting

Live Web Streaming vs On-Demand Webcasting

Webcasts can be either live or on-demand. Both have their benefits and in this section you can read about how each can enhance your event or presentation.

Live Web Streaming
A live web stream allows your event or presentation to be broadcast on the internet as it happens. It is vision mixed live on site to incorporate a branded holding slide at the start and end with optional presentation slides mixed throughout the broadcast. The live web stream can be made available on demand shortly after the event, allowing people who missed the live stream, or delegates at the event, to watch it when it suits them.

– Time-critical content can be broadcast to a global audience.
– Incorporate live reaction to up to the second social media conversations.
– Global viewers can engage with the presenters through live online Q&A.

On-demand Webcasts
An on-demand webcast is a pre-recorded presentation, which is available on-line at the viewer’s convenience. The video is edited and can be mixed with presentation slides. Alternatively, we can synchronise the slides side by side next to the video, creating a fully featured online presentation.

– Global reach. Time zones are not an issue.
– The viewer can watch the presentation wherever they wish.
– The footage can be edited and cleaned up before going on-line.
–  The presentation can be paused, rewound and repeated.
–  A link to the webcast can be sent to your contacts by email or social media.

GloCast produces live web streaming and on-demand webcasts in throughout the UK.

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