Live Streaming | The importance of a site visit


Live Streaming | The importance of a site visitToday I completed two site visits; one at IET Teacher Building (@IETvenues) and another at the brand newΒ Glasgow Sculpture Studios (@GSSGLASGOW). Both are fantastic meeting venues for live streaming events. They’re very different in many respects but have one vital thing in common: an excellent internet connection!

I always recommend a site visit before a live streaming event at a new venue (…new to GloCast!). By doing a site visit, we can work out where our cameras can go, where the best place for our live streaming equipment isΒ and what kind of power is available in the room. If required, we can work out any technical difficulties prior to the event. Most importantly, we test the internet connections and conduct a test stream to ensure there are no problems with firewalls or other restrictions when we stream live video to the internet from the venue.

By doing a site visit, we (and our clients) can be fully confident that the stream will go smoothly on the day of the event – vital when everyone is busy getting ready to go live. A site visit as standard is just another GloCast added value service that helps your live stream go smoothly.

To our delight, both venues passed with flying colours and will be added to our list of recommended live streaming venues. We look forward to working at both IET Teacher Building and Glasgow Sculpture Studios.

Get in touch if you would like your to be added to the GloCast list of recommended live streaming venues.


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