Live Streaming Requirements

Live Streaming Technical Requirements

These are the recommended technical requirements for a live stream:

– A wired internet connection with a minimum of 4mbps uncontended upload and download speed. 10mbps is ideal.
– If possible, no splash page / password requirement on the connection as our encoders don’t have a GUI.
– DVI, HDMI or SDI show laptop / presentation switcher.
– XLR audio feed from your AV company’s sound desk.
– Streaming position with a 6ft table at the back of the room / near the AV team.

We usually insert a dumb switch onto the wired connection, allowing us to use a number of devices to stream and monitor the playback.

– We use RTMP to stream out of the venue, using port 1935. These are usually open but in case you need to check, you can run this diagnostic tool from the venue’s wired internet connection. It requires Flash to be enabled on your browser.