Live Streaming Check List

1. Branding
– Holding slide
This is the graphic that will be shown on the video player when we’re not streaming. We will create one from your branding, so that it fits the event theme. Please send any event branding over so that we can create a first draft. Ideally in large size JPG / PDF or Vector graphics.


– Top banner
The top banner will be at the top of the live player page and visible at all times. Again, we will create a proof for you to review.


– Lower thirds
This is a strip that we bring up on the video with the presenters’ name, title and organisation. Please supply a list of all speakers (including event host), who will be presenting, introducing etc. If we have these pre-prepared, there won’t be any last minute photoshop work during the live event.


– Live player page
As standard, the page url will be
What would be your preferred event name?
Does this need to be password-protected / a login form / pay-per-view?


2. Venue internet
– We will need to contact the venue to discuss internet and other AV technicalities. We would need the event manager’s name and if known, an IT contact for the venue. Finally, we will speak with the AV team about linking with them. Is the venue looking after the AV or has a third party AV company been hired?


3. Interactivity
– Live Chat
We are able to take questions from the online audience during the live event. This is done by using a live chat area and someone from your team would pick choice questions, voicing them out with one of the roving mics.


– Live Twitter Feed
We can also display a live twitter feed next to the video window. If you would like to use this, please let us know what event #hashtag or @user you would like it to follow?


We can also provide an in-room twitter wall. Please check out:


4. Event promotion
As with any live event, the pre-event publicity is key. The sooner we get all of the design elements signed off, the sooner you and your team can start publicising the event. Dedicated event registration systems, such as are great for getting sign-ups and sending out reminder emails etc. A strong social media coverage about the live stream will also ensure a large online audience.


If required, we are able to create a registration system, where you can gather viewer data and opinions before they access the live stream. Contact us for more info.


5. Post-event
– Video Hosting
After the event, we will take the HD recording and creating a high quality on-demand version of the live stream. We can upload it to your video hosting facility (eg. Vimeo or YouTube) or can host it on our unbranded video hosting service at £3+VAT per clip per month.


– Highlights film / interviews
We can also create a short highlights film with the best bits of the discussions, shots of people arriving, watching the event, networking etc. We can also interview presenters, key people and delegates to gauge their reaction £POA.