GloCast’s live Twitter wall system was developed for events. Our clients can publish event hashtag tweets on plasma- and projection screens, making their conference or event much more interactive and dynamic by bringing social media into the event space.

The real strength of our live Twitter wall system is moderation through the admin back-end, which allows you to either choose what tweets are to be displayed or remove unwanted tweets in real-time. You can moderate the twitter feed without being in the room – from your mobile device or even your office! This system is ideal for events where moderation of tweet content is key. After all, an unmoderated live event twitter wall is a recipe for disaster!

We can design the Twitter wall to match your event brand or you can choose to use our attractive minimal design. We will also set the tweet frequency and refresh rate to your preference. We can event provide temporary internet through our mobile 4G connection to wherever the tweets are displayed.

  • Real time twitter feed with event #hashtag
  • Remotely moderated
  • Only allow certain tweets / remove unsuitable tweets
  • Fully customisable
  • Attractive minimal look as standard
  • Fully mobile with its own 4G connection

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