Conference Video Recording

GloCast can film and produce high quality conference video recording as individual HD video clips.

The video and slide content is side by side, creating an engaging viewer experience of all presentation content.

Using our broadcast-quality cameras and presentation output recording hardware, we capture the talks and slides exactly as they happened, including slide builds, video and web content. This cuts down edit time and reduces post production costs allowing us to turn around high quality conference content very quickly.


After the event, we create an attractive branded player background with the event logo, dates and location, where the slide recording and video footage is placed in their own windows.

Each presentation will become a stand-alone, high quality .mp4 video file, which can be uploaded directly to your video host for online playback.

  • Quicker turnaround and lowered overall post-production costs
  • HD presentation content viewable on all devices
  • Event / company branded backdrop for all videos
  • Live recording of presentation slides keeps slide builds, animations and video content β€˜as seen at event’
  • Upload to your (or our) video hosting service, such as YouTube, Vimeo etc. for maximum distribution and viewership
  • Can be password-protected