A feature video of your conference or event allows you to show the highlights to future sponsors, exhibitors and delegates.

GloCast can film a stand alone feature video of your conference or event, which is ideal for company marketing, helping attract future interest and generally grow the event. We can mix video clips from presentations with networking scenes and vox pop interviews of the delegates, exhibitors and sponsors. Our clients use GloCast feature videos on their websites, social media and even as mass distributed DVDs. The conference feature video can be easily be produced at the same time as a live stream or on-demand webcast or as a stand-alone project.

We use high-end professional video and DSLR cameras to ensure the best cinematic HD picture quality for your conference and event video filming.

Your event and conference video clips can be uploaded to either our unbranded professional video hosting or your own video hosting facility (YouTube, Vimeo, Blip.tv etc). These will then be linked with social media for a potentially huge audience.

We film conference and event video throughout the UK for our event company clients.

To learn more about GloCast, the Conference and Event Video Filming Company, please contact us for more information.

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