GLO Streams Live Webinars: Converge Challenge 2012

GLO Streams Live Webinars: Converge Challenge 2012


Edinburgh Live Webinar Streaming | Converge Challenge 2012

During the spring and summer of 2012, GLO Webcasting streamed six events live from Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt university. These instructional webinars covered business startups and spin-offs in great detail and were attended by a range of online viewers from as far as Africa. The events were part of an inter-university entrepreneurial competition called The Converge Challenge.

GLO webcasting created a branded, secure online area, where the high quality live video was placed alongside the live online chat. The online audience were able to participate in Q&A sessions through an on-site moderator, who was their voice in the seminar room.

GLO also provided radio microphones to ensure the presentations were clearly heard.

Immediately after the live webinar, the video footage was uploaded to a branded and secure web page for on-demand viewing.

Check out for more information on the 2012 Converge Challenge.

“Glocast’s service has excelled my highest expectations. Having never undertaken live web streaming before, I was pleased when Glocast came for pre-event meetings and site visits, and managed the technical side of our webinar series from start to finish, to ensure a professional streaming and hosting service. They are now my go-to company for future streaming events.”