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Event Video – An Event Manager’s Guide

Event Video: Top tips for the Event Manager Event Video filming is now standard for most conferences and clients commonly opt for a highlights film or a recording of the presentations for on-demand viewing. In this blog post you will learn some top tips for organising an event video and working with an event video production …


Benefits of using more than one camera for your event video

Using more than one camera to film your live event adds a lot to the final production, whether it is a live stream, virtual conference or an on-demand film uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo or our GloCast unbranded video player. Using multiple cameras makes your film look dynamic and interesting with higher quality production values. When an …


Live Streaming and Event Video for Venues

GloCast already streams and films in many leading venues through the end client or technical AV companies. We would now like to cement lasting partnerships directly with venues. When I worked for a leading technical event production company, we successfully nurtured long-term relationships with a number of leading conference venues, helping them and their clients …


Hosting an event to watch a live stream? – How to show a live webcast to an audience

People often think a webcast goes out from a conference to lots of individuals, each sitting by their computer in far away locations. Although this solitary activity is the norm, there is a growing trend of groups getting together to watch the live stream, discuss matters around the presentations, network and participate in the Q&A …


Interactive Live Chat During Webcasts and Webinars

The main benefit of doing live webcasts or webinars is the ability to include an online audience in the interactive Question & Answer sessions. People watching the live webcast or webinar feel truly part of the event when they are able to ask a question and the aswer is relayed to them live, in real …


Live Streaming | The importance of a site visit

Today I completed two site visits; one at IET Teacher Building (@IETvenues) and another at the brand new Glasgow Sculpture Studios (@GSSGLASGOW). Both are fantastic meeting venues for live streaming events. They’re very different in many respects but have one vital thing in common: an excellent internet connection! I always recommend a site visit before a …


WebEx Producer and Engineer Support Throughout the UK

GloCast now offer Producers and engineers to support for WebEx online webinars throughout the UK. You can use WebEx to broadcast your conference to remote viewers in your organisation. The system is ideal for two (or more)-way interaction, allowing you to bring remote contributors into your conference either with audio through teleconference or as a video …


MacKay Hannah Events Conference | Edinburgh Event and Conference Video

GLO Webcasting were chosen as the event video production company for a recent conference about events best practices held at the COSLA Conference Centre in Edinburgh. The content was fascinating and included presentations about event leadership, creative process and social media. GLO filmed the presentations and matched the PowerPoint slides with the video to create …


GLO Streams Live Webinars: Converge Challenge 2012

  During the spring and summer of 2012, GLO Webcasting streamed six events live from Edinburgh’s Heriot-Watt university. These instructional webinars covered business startups and spin-offs in great detail and were attended by a range of online viewers from as far as Africa. The events were part of an inter-university entrepreneurial competition called The Converge …


Vimeo, YouTube, Blip.TV vs Unbranded? Where should I host my Event Video?

Insight into the pros and cons of free and premium video hosting.

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